25. March 2019. | Author: techysium

Welcome in Techysium (formerly Let's Nearshore) and Beat the Slow and Redundant Recruiting Process in the IT sector!

Sometimes the stars align: there’s a new, special demand on the market, a company is researching for a proactive solution to a productivity problem, and suddenly, puzzle pieces combine. Global labour market trends and digital technologies trace out the obvious solution.
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25. March 2019. | Author: techysium

From SMS voting systems to realtime remote access

It’s 2019, and Freelancing is not for making ends meet until something better comes up anymore. Hungarian IT expert Árpád Vezse started working as a developer in the 90’s and never stopped being involved with the new, emerging technologies. His career is an interesting case study running from the first real mobile telecom company of the country to the newest, IT focused freelancer hub.
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