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  • Monika
    Senior UX/UI Developer
  • Gergely
    Senior Java Developer
  • Kristóf
    Senior Full-Stack Developer
  • Áron
    Senior Web Developer
  • Zsuzsa
    Senior Financial Analyst
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  • Free access
    to our tested pool of Central
    European IT professionals
  • Qualified professionals
    from programmers to
    engineers & designers, tested
    by our high internal standards
  • Skill set based search
    and instant results of
    potential candidates
  • Simplified filtering
    by using on hand job
  • Instant contact
    through direct messages and
    Zoom interview within 48hrs
  • Supportive functions
    for decision making like
    recorded interviews and hiring
    budget planning tool


  • Techysium is not a job-board,
    you don’t need to wait for the relevant experts to apply, you get in contact with them immediately.
  • Don't waste your time on hiring assessments, personalise your search by your project's needs - Simply paste your job description and find matching profiles automatically.
  • Share your video interview and budget calculation with your colleagues before making the right decision.


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    Set your filter manually or paste in your job description and our
    RPA sets your requested skills, then you
    can refine your search by adjusting filters
    to have an instant view on our pool of
    vetted professionals.
  • 3. Save

    Techysium lists the best fits for your
    search conditions and you can save the
    individual profiles one by one. You can
    also view your project costs with our
    swift reporting tool.
  • 4. Video interview

    If you find the perfect candidate, you can
    send a message directly or get in touch
    on Zoom to see if you are in sync and to
    discuss the project. Interviews are saved
    in our cloud based storage and easily
„I think Techysium offers an incredible opportunity for companies to get reliable IT talent quickly and efficiently. The method with how they actively mediate the process of hiring is truly unique and innovative, it is the logical next step in the development of remote freelancer networks. This service is a clever reaction to the current shape of the job market and could save a lot of time and money for many companies, from SME-s to the biggest multinationals.”

Istvan Moczo
Senior Consulting Practice Director Hungary & Bulgaria