Frequently Asked Questions

For clients

1. What am I allowed to do with Guest function? 2. What e-mail address should I use during registration? 3. What am I allowed to do after validation? 4. What is the screening process? 5. Contracting 6. Why do Clients have Key Account Managers at Techysium? 7. Are there any extra fees in addition to daily price?

For professionals

1. Is there any cost for registration or additional charge for using Techysium portal? 2. Who can register as Professional? 3. Do I need to be a contractor? 4. Are there any requirements refer to experience? 5. How does registration work? 6. What if my English test is not successful? 7. How will clients choose me, what is the choosing process? 8. What do I need to add to Notice period field? 9. Shall I fill the "Tell a bit about yourself" field? 10. Is there price competition between Professionals at Techysium? 11. How can I determine my daily salary? 12. How am I notified if I am viewed or selected by Clients? 13. Direct message 14. Integrated Zoom Video Conferencing Interview 15. What happens if I don't respond to Zoom meeting requests or Direct messages? 16. What happens after the Zoom interview? 17. What kind of Clients can I expect? 18. How are the working hours/days registered? Do I need to install something on my computer? 19. What is the payment term for Professionals?