About us

That’s when we realized that instead of chasing the clients, we should give them a platform where they can choose their own developers, with the required skillsets, right when they need it. We also have been in this situation, many times, so we knew how painfully long the selection process can be, how difficult it is to acquire new talent through the regular recruitment methods.
This is how the idea of Techysium was born.
Nearshoring was already something we have been familiar with. Our team worked with foreign clients, we knew for a fact that Central Europe offers a steady and deep pool of reliable talent, and we also knew that there is a huge demand for professionals like these people, in Western markets.
All we needed is a platform where both sides can meet, where we can invite the prospective partners, and the developers we liked to work with, so everyone can benefit from the opportunity: and project after project can be completed, successfully, without the usual hassle.

This is that platform, and we’re glad you’re here!